Full of Heart

Delicious Delights from our Café

The days are short in January, so many of us are awake to see the rosy sunrises and sunsets that 2022 has served up so far. The liminal quality of dawn and dusk is transient but magical. Twilight brings with it such lovely words as 'gloaming' (the Old English word for dusk), or 'crepuscular' (see later), derived from the French. Dawn has fewer synonyms, but is loaded with ideas of renewal and reawakening, so fitting for this time of year.

So, while we are raising our eyes to the horizon, we thought we would ring the changes and study an alternative view – the gleaming landscape of our kitchen and Café – to offer insight to its busy inner workings.

Our Café Manager, Cecilia, describes the Burford kitchen succinctly, 'it is a place of serenity and calm, where we aim to encourage expression'. As a result, the food is lovingly prepared and the hum in the kitchen is of creativity.

Rise and Shine