Freshly Picked

New in for Autumn

Autumn has been building up for a while, however it is now reaching its triumphant crescendo, with the leaves offering up their richest colours from plum through to saffron yellow. Therefore, we think it is time to celebrate the bountiful flash of autumnal tones all around us, as well as the mouth-watering harvest which the earth offers up around this time.

With earlier sunsets and crisper evenings, we are inclined to make our homes more welcoming, and cosier. Logs are piled up within reach of fireplaces and store cupboards fill up with spicy crab apple jellies, aromatic vinegars, and sloe gins.

So, enjoy the comfort of late autumn with some of our freshly picked products.


A traditional and decadent choice for the table, these Almond Panettones are sweetly scented with wine drenched raisins and covered with delicate icing, pearl sugar and Sicilian almonds. This stunning flavour is stored within the autumnal coloured Dolce and Gabbana Tin in which it arrives.