Made By Hand

A Time of Gifts

In mid-November the colours of autumn begin to fade from the landscape, the mercury drops and there is a perceptible shift in gear as we snuggle in for winter. But this change brings an irrepressible tingle of excitement – the build up to Christmas has started!

We all know the benefits of being an early bird, but it really does apply to the hunt for inspirational and thoughtful presents. Rather than having to rush, enjoy the process while there is time to consider what those close to you would like, and savour the pleasure of finding something just right.

Burford makes a point of seeking out handmade items that we think will be well received and, importantly, loved way beyond December. Here is a selection of ideas that may help you enter into a festive spirit inextricably linked to giving.

Honeyed Words

The French company Cire Trudon has been hand pouring scented, bees wax candles since 1643. Emblazoned on each candle holder is the motto, 'bees work for God and the King', proving a royal association with luxury that has transcended Revolution and endorses its credentials as a superlative gift.