Heaven Scent

Gifts from Mother Nature

The spring palette can be vivid: purple Crocus flashing saffron-tinted stigmas, pink Bergenia defining green lawn and a choppy yellow sea of trumpeting Daffodils. But colourful flowers destined for the garden revive the spirits like a gust of warm air after winter and express gratitude on Mothering Sunday.

Spring also has the capacity for subtlety. Enchanting evergreen shrubs such as Exochorda, Eriostemon and Osmanthus explode into a constellation of blooms against dark foliage – starlike flowers which sweetly scent the air and make thoughtful presents.

But there is purpose behind the bright petals and pervading scents, it is Mother Nature at her canny best, attracting native pollinators back to work. And she is successful – recently you may have noticed darting hoverflies and the charmingly wobbly bumble bees on reconnaissance for a nest. Also there is birdsong. Spring is here; the game is afoot…

Botanical Gin