Houseplants at Burford

Welcome to the Jungle

The new houseplant exhibits at Chelsea Flower Show stood out as a breath of fresh air. Each spectacular display centred around the idea of how houseplants offer tremendous health benefits in our homes. Here at Burford, we have one of the most extensive collections in the UK and after the Chelsea debut, we feel it is about time to share some of our favourites.

Burford's Favourites

Calathea White Fusion

Calathea White Fusion is extremely sought after for the bold markings on its abundant foliage. Variegated shades of white, green, and lilac are splattered across the surface of the leaves, as if left there by brushstroke.

Alocasia Frydek

Alocasia Micholitziana Frydek lives up to its impressive name. Bearing massive, arrowhead-shaped leaves that are both beautifully variegated with thick white veins and velvety to the touch, it is an eye-catching houseplant that will bring dynamism to a study or living space.