The Late Spring Garden

Bank Holiday Blooms

We are again in the thrall of the garden. Frilly tulips nod through a haze of forget-me-nots and sunshine warms wisteria buds skimming the wall. Familiar herbaceous plants reappear – some offering early flowers. Ruddy paeony foliage unfurls itself calmly from the soil before its later loss of control. Sword-like iris leaves slice the air and roses change up a gear. Regret for any plant lost during the winter is softened by the thought of space for something new...

And then there are visitors: birds are at their most garrulous now and early native pollinators, especially bumblebees, are already busy. We have a selection of plants with such pollinating guests in mind:

Jacob's Ladder

Slim, superbly aligned leaves, suggesting a biblical stairway to heaven, give the Polegonium its common name. The petals of this variety, Polegonium Bressingham Purple, attract bees to the gold dusting of pollen on the stamens.

Bell Flower