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Chris Rothero

Metal Sculptor

Christopher has been drawing and making things with his hands for as long as he can remember, in the early days with Plasticine, balsa and tissue paper and scraps of paper brought home from his father's office. Later, it was bits of wood with sharp penknives and chisels.

He left school at 15 and went to the National Sea Training School and then served in the Merchant Navy as a boy seaman. This was followed by a period in the Regular Army. After four years he was badly injured on exercise in Germany and invalided out of the service and from here he trained to be a teacher specialising in art.

There followed 20 years of teaching and the headship of two schools. During this period he also spent his holidays and weekends illustrating books and writing articles. Eventually he left teaching and pursued a full time career as a book illustrator. He has written and illustrated five books on mediaeval military history and illustrated over 100 books written by others. He has samples of his artwork in the National Army Museum, the Agincourt Museum in France, the Oxford and Bucks Museum, and in various private collections in the United States and Europe.

He recently became involved in sculpture and, of the various materials that fascinate him, he especially likes to create different forms using metal wire, string, screws and nails. He prepares each piece with careful drawings, and his love of line and characterisation informs each piece of work. Chris hopes that his work gives as much pleasure to the viewing public as it gives him to make it.