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Christopher Townsend


Since graduating from Liverpool University in 1996, with a first class combined honours degree in Fine Art and Psychology, Christopher has been practising his art in a studio based at Crown Farm in Ascott-under-Wychwood, Oxfordshire.

His work at the moment is concerned with challenging sculptural space, through the creation of work that is wall, ceiling or floor based. Throughout his work there is a base awareness and interest in line, form and balance.

He is excited by the thought of creating a unique visual language with his work by describing and interpreting a journey through life and responses to stimuli, feelings and emotions. The environment and location around his studio bear influence, with agricultural links to the land and landscape. There is also a strong influence of the sea and things watery, born from visits to Devon and Cornwall and perhaps a desire to live by the sea.

The sculptural work is created using mild steel, stainless steel, found metal objects, stone and wood. Fot his paintings he uses acrylics on paper, canvas and board. Foodstuffs are also employed to make marks and colour in the pictures, as well as iron filings to add texture.

Other influences on his work include the studying of t'ai chi and kick boxing, which helps with the understanding of balance of the human form, and aids concentration whilst working.

Christopher's artworks are for sale at Burford Garden Company and can be found in the Art Gallery as well as in our Café and outside the main entrance.

Visit the artist's own website.

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