Digging It in December

Lush greenery and seasonal indoor plants

In our Indoor Plants department this month you'd be forgiven for forgetting it's winter. Extravagant foliage and exotic blooms abound! Treat yourself to some greenery for the house, give growing gifts and dress your seasonal table with gorgeous warm lights and sumptuous blooms for the wow factor.

Read on for our very special Plant of the Month, plus the latest Burford Top Tips.

Show stoppers

Christmas Rose in a Rustic Pot

Light up your festive table with these extra special little Christmas Roses. The perfectly white blooms bursting forth out of the aged, rustic pot with its sloping rim will be a fantastic contrast to your best china, cutlery, linen and glassware.

Make a statement

Our well-trained ivy shapes in pots are hugely popular. This open-work globe is a new design this year, and would certainly lend itself to decorating with a string of micro LED lights.

Drama queen

Our white and red waxed amaryllis bulbs were such a hit last year. This season, our moss-wrapped amaryllis are taking centre stage. For a real conversation point, allow these theatrical blooms-to-be to shine on your Christmas table.

Go contemporary

Looking for something different to gift? An Aglaonema (or Chinese Evergreen) in a rustic ribbed metal pot will fit the bill. Lush green foliage with attractive striation will lift a room as well as your spirits.

Tubular belles

Take a moment to breathe in the calming fragrance of this indoor multiflowered jasmine, trained in a circle of evergreen leaves and simply dripping with white, starry-topped tubular blooms.

Blooming lovely

For Christmas cheer, these individual hyacinth bulbs in a moulded glass make a charming gift, with substantial white blooms that will fragrance your home. Lots more in store, in a variety of eclectic containers.

Sweet, like chocolate

This exquisite chocolate cymbidium orchid, beautifully balanced by the ivory Burford pot, makes a breathtaking gift. Or why not treat yourself to one?

Add some gloss

The compact fiddle leaf fig Ficus bambino is simply packed with large, glossy leaves to give a big impact from such a little houseplant. Perfect for the party room!

Peace & love

Give a Christmas gift of peace with love with this Peace Lily with its pure white blooms. We have paired it with a modern cylindrical pot in zinc, which will look strikingly elegant in a hallway or sitting room.

Pure magic

Our outdoor plant display team got carried away this year, placing this standard holly in a large French planter and wrapping a mere 4000 lights around it. It is exquisitely magical after dark. You could try something similar yourself.

Rather than trying to keep indoor plants alive indefinitely, think of them in the same way as cut flowers – change them periodically, with the season or your mood or your decorative colour scheme, and give as gifts. Their colour and interest will last for weeks longer.

For seasonal sparkle, wrap our micro LED string lights around everything even remotely green in the house. And remember that many Christmas lights are suitable for outdoors too. Drape lights within and over a specimen tree, or along a hedge or fence, for a sparkling welcome this Christmastide.

Venturing outside, no garden need be dull in winter – the sweet, vanilla scent of Sarcococca confusa will see to that!

With its glossy evergreen leaves and pretty star-shaped flowers, not only does it enjoy a north-facing position but is also more than happy in a pot. S. confusa is also a great choice for ground cover as it will multiply by means of the red berries.

Plant it where you can enjoy its uplifting fragrance on the dullest of days. Thoroughly recommended!

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