Digging It in November 2017 - Plan(t) Ahead

Digging It in November

Plan(t) Ahead

Gardeners display a perennial optimism, always planning – and planting – for the next season, the next year and beyond...

To help you think ahead, this month in our garden newsletter we are concentrating on planting for the future as well as for today, from heavenly hellebores to lift your spirits this winter to dreamy roses for delectable summer scent, and raspberries to tantalise your tastebuds.

And in store now are bedding plants for instant potted colour, and fat-budded camellias for imminent colour – their waxy blooms and glossy evergreen leaves inject a touch of exoticism into our British winter. And of course November is the perfect time to plant tulip bulbs for joyous spring colour – our Bulb Hall has a wide selection, organised by colour to inspire you.

And read on for our very special Plant of the Month, plus the latest Burford Top Tips.

Joel Hellebore

Helleborus Niger Gold Collection Joel

This lovely hellebore boasts a host of single flowers that topple over the compact mound of dark green foliage. Delicate buds open to white petals that age to a light green. The added bonus in colder weather is a bashful pink blush.

Smokey Blues Hellebore

In unusual soft blue tones rather like a luscious blueberry, this single hellebore is a real eye-catcher. Plant pale yellow iris reticulata or crocus bulbs at the same time to really emphasise the blue.

Hellebore Dusky

Helleborus x hybridus harvington dusky

This richly coloured winter flower is a vigorous Harvington hellebore. Single pink flowers are overlaid with dense speckles of plummy maroon around a pale eye, providing a warming burst of colour in the winter border.

Shades of Night Hellebore

This deep purple hellebore is one of the darkest there is, and will look gorgeous in the snow. As with all hellebores, remove older leaves to reveal and emphasise the bee-friendly blooms.

Double Pink Hellebore

helleborus x hybridus harvington double pink

How can you resist the packed petals of this pretty hellebore? Plant in dappled shade for much-needed winter colour and combine with pink and white early flowering shrubs for a feminine border.

Roald Dahl Rose

With its soft, peach colour and lovely fragrance of tea, the new Rosa Roald Dahl is a robust shrub rose from David Austin that will give you pleasure for years to come.

Munstead Wood Rose

Not all roses need to take over your garden. This compact and bushy shrub rose has a depth of crimson colour you can lose yourself in, and a deliciously fruity, old-fashioned fragrance.

Carolyn Knight Rose

In addition to fully double cupped blooms of a soft gold with touches of apricot and orange, this superb shrub rose has the most delicious scent of warm honey, which will transport you to warm climes.

Darcey Bussell Rose

This pretty, Old English rose has so many petals it looks like a ballerina's tutu! The rich crimson blooms flush mauve as they mature. Its delicate, fruity fragrance scores this rose a ten with us.

Lady of Shalott Rose

An easy, reliable rose for beginners, and one of the loveliest in our opinion, this hardy English shrub rose has repeat blooms of delightful apricot and caramel, with a scent of spiced apple. Bushy and vigorous, it won't let you down.

PS Raspberry canes are due in store next week, so prepare the ground for planting new or replacement canes.

To help you anticipate their juicy fruit from summer through to the autumn, here's a taster...


It's not that we're obsessed with food, but ... you need to know about this delicious superfruit from Canada. The juicy, blue-red berries taste like blueberries for grown-ups, with just a hint of cherry, and are oh so good for you.

Choose from three varieties of Amelanchier alnifolia (Northline is pictured above; this and others will be available instore next week).

November is a good month for seasonal pruning of apple trees and other dormant trees and shrubs. Use quality tools and keep them sharp and clean. Our Japanese tools include secateurs and pruning saws – beautifully engineered, ultra sharp and easy to use with minimal effort.

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