Digging It in October - Soft fruit that packs a punch

Digging It in October

Soft fruit that packs a punch

This month our newsletter is simply exploding with edibility, with a crop of ten delectable soft fruits for you to try growing in your garden.

And read on for the latest Burford Top Tips, plus our very special Plant of the Month.

Mojo Berry Mulberry

The much-feted new dwarf mulberry flew out of our store after becoming Chelsea's Plant of the Year 2017. We're thrilled to have more for you. Small enough for every garden. Deliciously juicy fruit. Our No. 1!

White Versailles Whitecurrant

The first whitecurrant to crop, you can use these sweet, nearly translucent berries in their long trusses to garnish cakes. Plant several as an edible hedge and you'll have enough berries to make wine.

Xenia Gooseberry

Gorgeous goosegogs with no risk of impaling your fingers on thorns, Xenia has luscious, sweet pink fruit on virtually thornless stems. You'll be picking them and reaching in for more as you can eat them off the bush.

Rovada Redcurrant

Who can resist the cheerful bright red of these berries, hanging in long strings? Ribes Rovada just keeps on producing, so you'll have plenty for the freezer too.

Ouachita Blackberry

Whether you call it Ouachita or Quachita, and however you pronounce it (it's 'wash-uh-taw'), this almost spineless blackberry has masses of enormous, tasty fruit over several weeks.

Brown Turkey Fig

Bring the Mediterranean to your garden by planting this easy to grow fig tree against a sunny wall for an abundance of large, sweet and juicy fruits at the end of summer. Time to look out that Mediterranean cookbook!

Buckingham Tayberry

With huge crops of long, conical berries with a tangy flavour, this is a great soft fruit to train up a wall, especially as it is free from spines, hardy and self-fertile.

Blackcurrant Ben Sarek

One of the best blackcurrants, this is a neat, compact bush, resistant to mildew and frost tolerant. Lovely glossy black berries to use in desserts and jam, or add to your muesli or porridge.

Timperley Early Rhubarb

This is the earliest rhubarb, and you can enjoy tender stalks even earlier if you force it. You can have fragrant, champagne-pink rhubarb in February!

Chandler Blueberry

Not only with a long picking season but the largest berries of them all! If you don't eat these superberries straight off the bush, you can make muffins, cakes, jams and pies galore.

PS Raspberry canes are due in store any time soon, so keep any eye out on your next visit to Burford or our website.

Remember to label your herbaceous perennials before they die down for the winter, so you don't disturb them by accident.

Similarly, make a note of where you have planted your spring bulbs. (If you haven't planted any yet, it's not too late!)

Stop Struggling – Get a Trug!

Once you possess a trug, you'll wonder how you ever managed to do anything in the garden without it. It will be your companion when you are planting tulip bulbs, picking flowers, harvesting beans and apples, deadheading roses ...

Treat yourself to one of these covetable Royal Sussex trugs, handmade in the traditional manner using cricket bat willow and split sweet chestnut.

Royal Sussex Trug Size 6

Royal Sussex Trug Size 8

Cotinus coggygria Grace

You can't beat the attractive Smokewood for autumn colour, when the rich claret foliage turns an even more dramatic vibrant orange.

Come and see our glorious gourds in store, in all their wonderful colours, perfect for adding that seasonal touch to the autumn home.

Autumn Gardening Week

From Saturday 14th October until Sunday 22nd October we will be celebrating the change of season in the garden with a week of garden-inspired treats.

There will be magical garden pop-ups, expert advice, special plant promotions and plenty of prizes to be won. Lots more details to come.

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