Digging it in September

Digging It in September

Beautiful bulbs and more

Our spring flowering bulbs are now in store, and they are causing great excitement, especially as this year we are displaying them according to colour. Here we have selected our favourite perennial bulbs of every colour, to whet your appetite.

And read on for the latest Burford Top Tips, plus our very special Plant of the Month (we've cheated and included a collection of three this time).

Crocus Orange Monarch

Resembling the colours of the orange monarch butterfly, in an unusual vibrant orange with deep purple veining on the outer petals, this handsome variety of species crocus is perfect if you are looking for something a little different.

Iris Painted Lady

Surely an artist has painted these soft blue blooms, with falls freckled with stronger blue and blushed with yellow? The pretty Iris reticulata are among the earliest bulbs to bloom, so you don't have so long to wait.

Allium Purple Sensation

A cottage garden staple, and a must for the bee lover, this deep violet allium has dense clusters of tiny starry flowers. Plant through perennials. Great for taking over from tulips.

Hyacinth Carnegie

An elegant garden hyacinth with large, bell-shaped white blooms that last for up to six weeks. Plant in a border, a pot on the terrace or a trough near a well-used pathway – anywhere you'll catch the heavenly, richly sweet scent.

Tulipa sylvestris

Our native wild tulip deserves a place in our gardens. It will reward you with masses of enchantingly shaped blooms, rich yellow with a green blush, for many years. A bonus is the unexpected scent of lemon!

Narcissus Pheasant's Eye

This is an old, native variety that naturalises very well in grass.
Plant with other native wildflowers and spring bulbs. The pure white
star-shaped blooms have a tiny yellow corona rimmed with a red frill,
and a sweet scent.

Tulipa National Velvet

Even if you're not competitive, you could place a bet on this sleek Dutch bulb with its award-winning dark red colour and velvety texture. Pair with oranges and reds, or rich purples and near blacks, for a dramatic finish.

Ipheion Alberto Castillo

Here's another garden star. The six-petalled white blooms of the spring starflower have a central green stripe and are delightfully scented with honey. Like us all, it is happiest in full sun.

Camassia Leichlinii Caerulea

The elegant azure blue variety of this stately flower is familiar in gardens, with its tall spires of starry flowers. One for late spring, as it fills a gap before the summer perennials are ready to take over.

Narcissus New Baby

A delightful multiheaded miniature daffodil with a sweet scent, New Baby will make you smile. Ivory white petals edged with creamy yellow surround a golden cup.

Follow instructions for planting your bulbs, so the roots will be deep enough to anchor the plant.

Wear gloves for planting bulbs, as hyacinth, narcissus (daffodil) and tulip cause skin irritation. They are also toxic if ingested, so take care around children and pets.

Deadhead regularly, as flowers that have gone over will mar the effect.

A specially designed bulb planter like this one will make the job so much easier on your back, especially if you have a lot of bulbs to plant in grass. Press down with your foot and pull up, pop the bulb in the hole (pointy end up), then replace the divot. Simples!

PS Soft fruit bushes like this tasty blackcurrant will be in store shortly.

Rudbeckia Summerina

Summer is nearly over. Here are the rich hues of the Rudbeckia Summerina collection to help you transition into the wonderful colours of autumn foliage.

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