Artist Eleanor Johnson at L'Escargot

Eleanor Johnson Painting Live at L'Escargot...

Artist Eleanor Johnson at L'Escargo

Live painting is trending in the cool echelons of London and we were excited to hear our very own and wonderfully talented Eleanor Johnson had been invited to paint at a live model event at the iconic L'Escargot restaurant.

Eleanor, along with artist Venetia Berry, was asked to create a painting of a sitting model, in situ, in front of a live audience of dining customers and onlookers. The pressure was of course immense but the mix of art, food and real people produced some absolutely fantastic results, which we share with you here. Of course the execution of artistic pieces, particularly portraiture, is normally such a private affair and throwing caution to the wind was bound to cause some ripples.

It's a fairly 'out there' idea, but it appears the mix of food and art was a very successful one. Diners appeared delighted at being brought together via the shared medium of art, surely a fantastic way to stimulate great dinner table conversation!

Artist Eleanor Johnson at the easel

Transparent Platform (run by Magdalena Moursy and Hugo Wheeler) organised the event in London. Eleanor Johnson painted alongside Venetia Berry, and the model was Lynne Stephanie.

If you are interested in seeing Artists working live, please visit the Burford Gallery between the 14th-22nd May, where Rupert Aker and Caroline Chappell will be painting live. More information here.