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Go Organic

Replace pesticides with natural alternatives

The impact of pesticides on our natural environment is becoming increasingly part of the public consciousness. This has led to more and more gardeners turning to organic gardening methods.

Organic gardeners tend to be more tolerant of a few pests and diseases … after all, nature was not designed to be perfect. In fact, organic gardening is all about working with nature. But luckily modern gardeners have ever more options available to them to help them on their way.

In particular, we are big fans of Strulch™, this amazing mineralised straw-based product is the perfect mulch for organic gardeners. It's great if weeds are a problem in your garden and deters slugs and snails.

These tips will help you take a few organic steps in the right direction:

1) Choose plants that work in the place you are putting them, so you don't have to work against the plant's natural environment in order for it to survive.
2) Use organic gardening products, such as organic compost and weedkillers.
3) Invest in some disease resistant plants.
4) Plant a mixture of varieties of plants so disease is less likely to spread.

Pussy Willow

Pussy willow has all but disappeared from the British countryside, therefore its fantastic benefit to insects, especially bees, has been lost. Pussy Willow provides a big glut of catkins covered in pollen in late winter/early spring, keeping lots of wildlife happy. Come winter the stems turn a gorgeous violet colour, adding some much-needed vibrancy to the garden. Burford has two pussy willows in stock this autumn, Blue Streak as (pictured) and Irrorata. Pop in store to buy.

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