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Harriet Whyatt

Mixed Media Artist

Harriet studied film at Falmouth Art School, Cornwall where she lived for over a decade. Returning to Cornwall after a few years in London, Harriet started painting. While bringing her daughter up in Cornwall she had the privilege of spending much of her time around Romany Gypsies, which has greatly influenced her work. She prefers to focus on the romanticism, sense of tradition and pride rather than the harsh realities, sometimes made worse by austere minds and ignorance. Her work offers an intimate exposé of this marginal group of people, and a beautiful insight into the life of this often misjudged community.

'Often we fail to appreciate what we as a society could learn from the Romany communities.'

Being a true romantic, she studies the relationship between man and woman either in celebration or scepticism. Harriet feels it important to capture intense moments of intimacy as she feels the world has become too cynical, with no time to appreciate the union of man and woman.

'My paintings focus on the celebration of love, desire, passion, trust, vulnerability, and I draw on my own life and my own emotional responses to personal events I have experienced.'

Harriet lives and works in Wiltshire where she was born. She exhibits her work in Bristol, New York and Paris and has recently been invited to exhibit at Earl's Court London. She has also exhibited frequently in Tuscany, Florence and her paintings are in many private collections worldwide. She was recently published in New York's ICA volume 6 publication of International Contemporary Artists.

View some of Harriet's work on sale at the Burford Art Gallery.

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