Jill Colchester

Jill Colchester

Paintings of Dancers and Movement

A trained contemporary dancer, Jill Colchester is fascinated with movement, and specialises in conveying movement and motion in her unique and eye-catching artwork.

In a short pose of a minute or so, the model can hold the tension of an asymmetrical position, allowing Jill to capture the compositionally dynamic form. Using gestural marks and dynamic lines, she draws the slowly moving model with each movement overlaid by the next, giving the impression of further movement.

She favours washes in acrylics, graphite and other media, applied speedily. The time restraint encourages the gestural or economic line quality. Her quick, abstract approach to drawing is echoed in her landscapes.

Jill has an BA(Hons) in Fine Art. She now teaches drawing to adults at Abingdon and Witney College. Alongside an annual Oxfordshire show exhibiting new work, her figurative drawings and paintings are hanging in private collections as far afield as South Africa, Canada, Berlin, Washington, Vermont and Northern Ireland.

View some of Jill's work on sale at the Burford Art Gallery.

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