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Katharine Miller

Paper Collage Artist

Katharine graduated in 1983 with a degree in Fine Art from Oxford University, where she was awarded a scholarship to receive traditional training, with particular emphasis on drawing, in the practices and history of Fine Art. After a career and family, she returned to painting.

Working in a variety of media, her subject is always found in her immediate environment, whether oil paintings of flowers from the garden, drawings of her familiar pots or sculptural portraits of her children. Now living in the Cotswolds, she has recently turned to paper collage, taking inspiration from the beautiful countryside that surrounds her home. She is a member of West Ox Arts.

'I am privileged to walk with our dog every day amidst the captivating landscape. I draw en plein air and, when I return to the studio, choose the directness of working with paper to capture my response to a particular location through memories of colour, shape and light with less concern for topographical detail to locate a sense of place. The immediacy of torn paper creates an expanse of sky, sets the scale, suggests a horizon line. Sharp and soft edges become field boundaries and, over time, through building layers and considered reworking, I find myself painting with paper to evoke the essence of an "abstracted landscape".'

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