Lisa Wisdom

Metal Collage Artist

Lisa Wisdom creates her unique metal landscapes from a palette of rust and copper found on forays into the remoter parts of Cornwall. The distinctive scenes of wild moorland stretching down to the copper blue sea evoke memories of coastal walks.

Though Lisa recreates her sketches of real places as a metal picture, frequently a scene appears to her in the metal as she finds it, often starting as a patch of sky with a horizon line distinctly 'in' the found corrugated roofing sheet. Working on several collages at any one time, the landscapes appear, layer by layer, using the colours and shapes that are naturally occurring within the state of rust and decaying metal. Lisa will use black and white charcoal pencils to define line, or create shade to increase the perspective, but use of these is minimal; rather, she will carefully select pieces of metal that speak to her of sky, or wall, that have light and shadow in the right place naturally. Using steel pins and a hammer and anvil, Lisa then attaches the layers to a reclaimed, burnt plyboard backing .

Lisa trained at Birmingham School of Jewellery, then the National School of Blacksmithing in Hereford. She extended her knowledge of metals still further during a stint in a silver mine in the French Alps, and later went on to become a travelling blacksmith in the Uk, France, North America and Canada, before heading home to Cornwall.

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View some of Lisa's work on sale at the Burford Art Gallery.

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