Pamela Harrison

Landscape & Seascape Painter

I came from a background in Ceramics, having obtained a B.A. Honours degree from Bristol Polytechnic in 1980. I then went on to do a P.G.C.E. in Art Education (gaining a Distinction) at Birmingham Polytechnic. From 1981 – 2008 I worked in education to become Head of Art in a large comprehensive school; tutor to an adult art group; a resident maker working as a mixed-media artist at Brewery Arts, Cirencester. I set up my own studio and left the teaching profession in 2008 to change direction and pursue a lifelong ambition to paint full-time.

I am a contemporary painter placed within the English landscape tradition, where I find excitement and inspiration from the beauty and elemental nature of landscape: the earth, the sea, the sky. I am particularly drawn to open landscapes, moor land, valleys, salt marshes and tidal mudflats – quiet, remote places which evoke a sense of contemplation and solitude.

My paintings convey the interplay of my emotional response to things seen and experienced within landscape through the physical activity of painting, a form of internal dialogue of remembering, visualizing and interpreting. Photographs and drawings are used only to act as a transitional reminder of a sense of place as the paintings are developed to produce a distillation of light, atmosphere and mood.

The activity of painting is immensely important to me. I paint intuitively, building up surfaces initially with my hands working directly into the oil paint to create a suggestion of space and depth. Subsequent layers of transparent and opaque paint are poured and splattered onto the canvas, scrubbed back, re-worked, drawn and scored into, using palette knives and brushes to create marks and texture until the essence of landscape has emerged.

I enjoy working on a variety of scales from more intimate portrayals to larger expressive works and I frequently work on several canvasses at a time. I am influenced by the magnificent works by Turner but I also love the work of many other painters including Rothko, Jacob van Ruisdael, Edward Seago and Joan Eardley.

View some of Pamela's work on sale online and at the Burford Art Gallery.

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