Perfect Rose Planting

Perfect Rose Planting

Think like a rose

Early winter is the best time to plant roses. They have a much better chance of establishing well if planted then, once they have lost their leaves. Cultivate as wide an area as you can, making each hole large enough so you don't need to bend or twist the roots. Work in rotted manure or compost as you do, but remember there is no need to add fertiliser until the spring. For successful planting, just throw a handful of Rootgrow™ on the roots.

Rosa Generous Gardener

Did you know?

• Roses grow downwards, so when planting make sure you dig down rather than wide.
• Roses don't like tree roots (there, we said it!).
• Roses love a soggy clay bed, they really do, so be extra generous with the manure if you are growing them on light or sandy soil.
• Most varieties are sun lovers, there are no two ways about it.

Burford has a bountiful rose collection so make sure you pop in over the weekend and find your perfect rose with the help of our experts.

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Rosa Lady of Shalott

Rosa Lady of Shalott® AGM (shrub rose)

We simply adore this David Austin rose. A strikingly lovely English shrub rose, Rosa Lady of Shalott (Ausnyson), has chalice-shaped blooms in shades of apricot and rich yellow. It is an English Leander Hybrid and a superb repeat flowerer. And as it is hardy and reliable it is the perfect first rose for inexperienced gardeners.

Rosa Roald Dahl at Burford

Rosa Roald Dahl®

Launched at Chelsea 2016 and named to honour the centenary of Roald Dahl's birth. Free-flowering with peach coloured blooms, the Rosa Roald Dahl has a lovely medium strength tea fragrance with leafy elements and dark fruit notes. This free-flowering rose forms a rounded, bushy shrub when it matures, with few thorns and mid-green foliage.

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