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Richard Williams


Rich Williams is a versatile artist, currently going through a 'resin phase'. He studied for his Foundation and then a BA in Fine Art at North Oxfordshire School of Art in Banbury. He is also a knowledgeable plantsman, and works for a certain garden centre in Burford…

'Colour holds an evocative power over me, with its infinite manifestations of light, form, scale and texture in the world I perceive. Through my work I am exploring and expressing this emotional relationship with colour.

'I use a transparent colourless epoxy resin, pigmented with oil colour. With the work laid horizontally, I pour on the resin and disperse it as required.

'Layers are built up over several applications, creating greater visual depth. The process may also require the removal of resin through sanding back, giving the work yet another dimension.

'In my work I am looking to achieve an affinity between the actual form that colours hold and the visual experience that lies beyond its physical bounds. The physicality of the medium I use plays a considerable factor in the creation of my work.'

Rich's resin works are spectacular, with the raised, high-gloss surfaces giving a professional finish.Clarity of colour and an organic quality to the images result in a fantastic realism.

In addition to brushes, Rich makes use of a wacky variety of tools, including screen wipes, spatulas and other silicon implements. He also uses a heat gun to tease out any bubbles, activate it further and maintain the level surface.

View Richard's latest work on sale at the Burford Art Gallery.

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