Sally Wyatt Mixed Media Artist at Burford Art Gallery

Sally Wyatt

Mixed Media Artist

The bleakness and beauty of natural landscape captivates Sally Wyatt, and so does paint.

Something curious about line, tone or texture will be the creative trigger for a painting. She progresses intuitively, oscillating between reality and imagination, tension and harmony, chaos and order. A balance of contrasts will eventually emerge, exposing emotive patterns of thought and energised responses to process and form. She likes her paintings to entice visual curiosity. Perceptions of the same experience may or may not align.

Curious about land and plant form, movement and light, Sally uses raw pigments to mix her own paints. The various media each offer different properties for process that builds complex surfaces in a repeated cycle of painting, scraping back, covering and revealing.

As fine art journalist and art critic Mercedes Smith describes it in Fine Art Communications:

Anchored in landscape and the sensory beauty of natural forms, Sally Wyatt's paintings speak of a curious and compelling contrast between subject and paint. Giving free rein to the expressive qualities of mark and medium, her works explore the restless shape and vitality of land and sea through a confident language of texture, tone and colour. The restrained beauty and delicacy of draftsmanship apparent in her graphite and watercolour sketches on paper give way, on board and canvas, to the fluid, more forceful qualities of paint. Here, where the physical process of painting dominates, light and landscape dissolve together in the creation of strange and softly atmospheric images. Throughout her paintings, high energy brushwork and fleeting, minimal bursts of colour are balanced by simplicity of composition and the cool tones of an overtly blue palette, a colour which situates each of her works, however abstract, in the literality of exterior space and light.

Texture and colour play the major part in these paintings, carrying with them figurative hints that need no further description through shape or line: pale, ethereal sweeps of meteorological colour and brooding ocean tones of sullen, nuanced grey and ominous, deep, dark blue merge seamlessly with a geological palette of pink, purple and gold. Always, however, the commanding grip of Wyatt's rich, impasto surface remains, occasionally enhanced by touches of transparent, textural fabric. Demonstrating an extraordinary painterly skill at the earliest stage of her career, Wyatt is an artist who gives full voice to both her medium and her blossoming talent for abstracting the landscape.

In addition to many shows in the Cotswolds and Cornwall, Sally Wyatt has exhibited at The Mall Galleries and the Royal Society of Marine Artists, and been selected for the Royal Institute of Oil Painters.

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