Sam and Tom Johnson at Twinsburg's Annual Twins Day

The fascination of Twins Day

Two of a kind - Burford's Johnson brothers

A recent article in iconic magazine Vogue, At Twinsburg, Ohio's Annual Twin Festival, explores the fascination with twins in art as well as science. On annual Twins Days, pairs of twins converge on the small town of Twinsbury OH, often dressed identically, for a festival of all things twinny. The event itself has inspired artists such as photographer Mary Ellen Mark and documentary filmmaker Sue Marcoux.

Why are we talking about twins?

In 2017 this somewhat surreal event was covered for Vogue by British brothers filmmaker Sam Johnson and photographer Tom, the younger by four years. In fact, they often collaborate in creative enterprises, and felt at home in Twinsbury as they are often mistaken for twins, both in looks as well as in behaviour – they dress similarly, often complete each other's sentences and have identical tattoos (S T E for Sam, Tom and their artist younger sister Eleanor).They really are two of a kind.

Sam and Tom, and Eleanor too, are closely connected to Burford Garden Company. Not only is the store owned by their parents, Louise and Nigel, but Tom's photographs and Eleanor's portraits are exhibited in our Art Gallery, and Sam has shot the short film Earthy Encounters here too.

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