On The Bookshelf

Favourites from the Reading Room

In celebration of World Book Day and its 25th birthday this year, we wanted to share some captivating reading choices personally recommended by our team here at Burford and available from our Reading Room.

The joy that reading brings is unmatched. From the curiosity that accompanies a new chapter to the satisfying resolution as you reach the final page, these feelings can only be found within the pages of a book. So here are four creative and thought-provoking staff picks we think you will enjoy, alongside a little extra inspiration from around the store.

Tree Hugger

Integral to all life on earth, trees have remained stoically throughout our own social history, providing both practical and cultural value. The Story of Trees unpacks their historical importance, inspiring us to think ahead towards a greener future. Our Plants Manager Paul particularly enjoys this message of sustainability, saying "we are currently benefitting from the planting choices of the past, thus, we must consider how we plant for the future".