A History of Music for Children

A History of Music for Children


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A History of Music for Children 

By Mary Richards and David Schweitzer. Illustrated by Rose Blake 

A History of Music introduces children to a diverse cast of composers, musicians and performers, covering a variety of genres, cultures and decades. Journey across the world and discover everything from the beautiful musical scores written by Buddhist monks to Elvis’s pop music and the invention of the internet and ipods!

Posing questions such as ‘Why do we make music?’ and ‘How does it affect our brains and emotions?’, A History of Music encourages children to investigate oral tradition, helping them to understand the power that music has to influence change and connect people. This book also has an accompanying playlist, organised by chapter, that can be listened to while you read for a fully immersive learning experience. 


Dimensions: H: 29cm, W: 22cm, D: 2cm

Number of pages: 96

ISBN: 97805000652473