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When the Stars Come Out

By Jennifer Z Paxton, illustrated by Katie Weidmann

Anatomicum is an exploration of the human body through the cohesive collection of the Wellcome Collection in London. The perfect gift for any budding anatomist or those simply curious about the workings of the human body.  One is left with the certain impression that our bodies are one of the great marvels of nature, with a hidden and unexpectedly fascinating world beneath our skin.

The book breaks the human body down into its main systems, for example the nervous system and its related senses, and the immune and digestive systems.

The language of the book will be easily understood by its audience, not holding anything back from the reader in terms of medical terminology and concepts which, while some come across initially as challenging, are all the more rewarding after being understood.

Format: Hardback

Edition: 1st, 2019

Dimensions: H:37.6cm, W:27.8cm, D:1.5cm

Pages: 112

Illustrations: Full colour

ISBN-13: 9781787414921