At The Bottom of Dudley's Garden

At The Bottom of Dudley's Garden


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At the Bottom of Dudley’s Garden

Written by Dinah Mason Eagers with illustrations by Anna Platts

Beautiful flower Lily Katinka is feeling rather upset that the weeds and wildflowers at the bottom of Dudley’s garden are getting just a little bit too much attention from the bees and butterflies. Join her on a mission to discover what makes the ‘ugly weeds and scruffy grasses’ so appealing and why they are an important part of the natural world. A charming story for all ages with pretty illustrations by Anna Platts.

A local publication, dedicated to the late Dudley Iles, an environmentalist, whose garden provided the inspiration for the story.

Don’t miss the author’s interesting facts about bees at the end of the book: did you know that bees have five eyes?

Format:  Paperback

Dimensions: H: 20.5cm, W: 20.5cm

Coloured illustrations throughout

Extent: 40 pp

ISBN: 978-1-8382298-6-3