Classic Illustrated Fairytales

Classic Children's Illustrated Fairy Tales


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Classic Children's Illustrated Fairy Tales

Various authors, illustrated by Manalima

Brought together in three beautifully bound editions, including pop-out art and other interactive features and a gold-embossed front cover, these beautiful bindings of some classic fairy tales are guaranteed to complement any bookshelf. Inside you also will find eye-popping illustrations, an integral feature of these stunning creations.

The books featured are three from a larger series of books containing memorable classics, from Pinocchio and The Beauty and the Beast, to Hans Christian Andersen’s tale The Little Mermaid. The latter is also complimented by other Andersen tales, including The Little Match Girl and The Snow Queen.

Any one of these books is guaranteed to bring pleasure to the bedtime story experience already enjoyed by so many children, enhancing it in ways not previously imagined.

Format: Hardback

Dimensions: H:23.9cm, W:16.5cm, D:3.6cm

Pages: 288 (Pinocchio); 280 (Beauty and the Beast); 240 (The Little Mermaid)

Illustrations: Full colour, interactive


Pinocchio: 9780062905277

Beauty and the Beast978006245621

The Little Mermaid9780062692597