Fabulous Fruit

Fabulous Fruit



Four of your five a day, these Fabulous Fruit toys are delicious and packed with delightful charm. Just look at their little smirks! These refreshing little rascals know they are the ‘bees’ knees’. After having them in store we can confirm the cherry is cheeky as anything, the kiwi is the kindest of souls, the strawberry has some real sass about him, and the pear – well he is just perfect. Full of character, their vibrant colourings match their bubbly personalities.

Designed for birth onwards their velvety-soft, silky skins are perfect for tiny hands to hold onto, whilst their irresistible stuffing is plump enough to take a quick nap on. Also, whisper this, they are a lovely introduction to a child’s ‘five a day’, but do not say where you heard it…

Please choose from the following:

  • Cherry
  • Strawberry
  • Pear
  • Kiwi


  • Cherry: H: 9cm, W: 10cm 
  • Strawberry: H: 8cm, W: 7cm 
  • Pear: H: 11cm, W: 7cm 
  • Kiwi: H: 8cm, W: 8cm 

Material: All new material, velour outer with poly stuffing and pellets in base, stitched features.

Age: From birth (a note of advice: please remove tags before use and check toy frequently for wear and tear and potential choking hazards. Do not leave in crib due to size and weight.)

Care: Hand wash only, do not machine wash, tumble dry, dry clean or iron 

Tested and passed European Safety Standard for toys EN71 parts 1,2 & 3 for all ages. Please remove nonmaterial labels.