Jeep Buzzy Rubicon Pedal Go-Kart

Jeep Buzzy Rubicon Pedal Go-Kart


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In striking red and black, this direct-drive pedal go-kart looks like a miniature jeep. It's stable and manouvrable, making it a terrific toy for rough and tough play, whether on real or pretend off-road terrain.

The steering wheel features a knob for speedy manouevres, Four equal sized EVA tyres (knobby ones like real jeep tyres) offer great grip and won't puncture, and the swing axle should keep you firmly on the ground. You are able to pedal forwards and backwards.

Adjustable seat and steering wheel.

Age: 2–5

Dimensions: L:46cm, W:25cm, H:50cm

Weight: 7.5kg

Warning: This toy go-kart should only be used under adult supervision. We recommend the child wears a helmet and protective kneepads and gloves. Not to be used on a public highway.