Koi Carp Streamers

Koi Carp Streamers


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These wonderfully colourful koinobori windsock streamers look mesmerising in the garden with the wind running through them. Alternatively, use as a decorative item and hang in a window or the on the back of a child's chair or bedroom door. 

They are thoughtfully made with organic cotton which is grown in natural compost and without the use of pesticides. Designed in France, the streamers have been inspired by one of Japan's beloved traditions: Kodomo no hi, or Children's Day, which occurs on 5th of May. On this day koi carp streamers are flown from flagpoles and given as a gift to children for good luck, encouraging the child to be brave and courageous and wishing them lifelong happiness, prosperity, and good health.

Available in lots of marvellous colours and designs, these striking windsocks make an elegant and unique gift to give on a special day.