Les Parisiennes Constance doll

Les Parisiennes Constance Doll


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This stunning French Les Parisiennes Constance doll possess a sentimental and elegant quality that is obvious in the delightful attention to detail, from her attractive asymmetrical hairdo right the way down to her chic pointy boots. Dressed in a delightfully floral outfit in soft colours, the overall effect is playful and appealing.

Following the life stories of these dolls in Paris, further reading will reveal the thought that has been put into their construction in order to deepen their characterisation and so enhance play.

Furthermore, the dolls come in beautifully constructed packaging, refined with the illustrations of Lucille Michieli.

Dimensions: 47 cm tall

Suitable for ages over 1 year.

Wash at no hotter than 30°C, do not machine tumble dry.