Little Socks the Fox

Little Socks the Fox


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Little Socks the Fox is a sweetly cunning companion for a good game. He is just the right size for a small person and has interesting long limbs, with velvet socks to hold hands with. His comfortingly silky tummy is as soft as the furry end to his brush-like tail. Because he is French, so is necessarily chic, he is sporting particularly attractive dingle-dangles from his neck that match the twinkle in his embroidered eyes. Best of all, perhaps, is his touchingly nosy snout with its pink velour tip.

This lovable fox is never sly, but often mischievous, so should he get into a spot of bother in the shrubbery, he can go for a gentle turn in the washing machine and his gorgeous, curly, ginger fur will come out good as new.

Age: 10 months and above

Dimensions: H:39cm, W:13cm (at deepest point), D:11cm at widest point

Materials: Cotton with polyester padding, polyethylene pellets in webbed feet

Care: Machine wash at 30 degrees on a gentle cycle (do not spin dry)

Keep away from fire