My Moon Lamp

My Moon Lamp


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Once in a blue moon you come across lighting options such as this one. We are thrilled to bring you this decorative Moon Lamp. Designed in Italy with characteristic Italian flair and excellence, this unique floor lamp is sure to bring new life to your interiors as well as become an instant talking point.

Featuring a design that really is out of this world, it has an elegantly curved half-moon shape and if you look closely, you can even see the craters upon the surface. Great for positioning within the corner of a child’s bedroom, to create a playful astrological theme. The LED lighting generates a soothing atmosphere, whilst the sturdy frame allows for the lamp to double up as a celestial seat for your children to sit upon.

More than just a floor lamp, the My Moon Lamp combines interior lighting with chic artistry, making it a wondrous addition to the home.

Dimensions: H: 151cm, W: 46cm, D: 147cm

Materials: Linear Low-Density Polyethylene

Fitting: LED 2600 lumen

Max Wattage: 15 Watts

Cable Length: 8 Metres