Nell and the Circus of Dreams

Nell and the Circus of Dreams


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Nell and the Circus of Dreams

Nell Gifford, illustrated by Briony May Smith

Growing up on a farm, Nell had a chicken called Rosebud, who was beloved; ‘Rosebud knew all Nell’s secrets and carried them in her soft, warm feathers’.

While most people dream of running away to the circus, Nell accidently found herself in the big top while looking for lost Rosebud. The experience was unforgettable: ‘Come on, fly with us!’ said the acrobat, and Nell felt as if she had.

This heart-warming story of a child’s adventure is touchingly told and will appeal to every child who has ever lost anything precious. The tender text is richly illustrated with just the right amount of detail for children’s curious eyes. The glowing colours make Nell’s adventure exciting, yet at the same time comforting.

Even when your child is beyond bedtime stories, this book is likely to keep its place in the bookshelf, simply because it is magical.  

Format: Hardback

Dimensions: H:28.8cm, W:28.8cm, D:1.6cm

Pages: 32

Illustrations: Full colour

ISBN-10:   9780192765949

ISBN-13:   9780192765949