Olga the Goose

Olga the Goose


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Olga the Goose has flown a long way from the North to join us at Burford (in fact she was created in France!). She is tenderly designed with a comforting shape that is just perfect for hugging, and has an amusingly triangular, goosy bottom. With stuffing as soft as down, she is covered with velvet and has a silkily textured, furry tummy. The blue insides of her enfolding wings are spangled with gold stitches, like the constellation by which she navigates – stars that match the twinkle in her kind eyes.

Should Olga run into a spot of bother in the garden, her feathers will be unruffled by a turn or two in the washing machine, just in time for a bedtime hug.

Age: 10 months and above

Dimensions: H:45cm, W:15cm (at deepest point), D:13cm at widest point, wingspan!: 40cm

Materials: Cotton with polyester padding, polyethylene pellets in webbed feet

Care: Machine wash at 30 degrees on a gentle cycle (do not spin dry)

Keep away from fire