Ostrich Rag Doll

Ostrich Rag Doll


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Please give this Ostrich Doll a proper name! She has enormous character, and judging by her sparkling, netting ruff and twinkling socks, is a party animal. Attached to her soft, cuddly body are double pairs of the softest fur wings, lined with pink velvet. From her grey velvet head (which matches her slender legs) springs a crest of glorious blond hair, dishevelled, one imagines, from dancing in the garden rather than pounding across the savannas.

If this ostrich needs a little sprucing up after an over enthusiastic jive in the herbaceous border, just pop her in the washing machine and she will be ready for a bedtime hug in no time.

Age: 10 months and above

Dimensions: H:42cm, W:15cm (at widest point), D:13cm (at widest point) 

Materials: Polyester with polyester padding, polyester pellets in feet

Care: Machine wash at 30 degrees on a gentle cycle (do not spin dry).