Outdoor Wooden Washing Machine

Outdoor Wooden Washing Machine


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Doing the laundry in the fresh air sounds a good idea. This sturdy Outdoor Washing Machine is an imaginative way to encourage creative play in the garden. Built at just the right height for three-year-olds and upwards, the washing machine has a pleasing ‘porthole’ (no finger-catching hinges) through which to post the washing. It also has wooden knobs that make a satisfying click as the wash cycle is programmed.

The environmentally friendly colour of the washing machine, with detail in a lovely shade of forest green, also means that the toy fits subtly into the background foliage when not being used. The whole unit is designed without sharp edges or corners, and constructed with spaces between the planks to allow rainwater to drain away  

This toy stands alone, but it has been designed to be part of a curved wooden kitchen set, with matching sink unit and cooker.

Ages: 3yrs+

Material: Responsibly sourced pine, with non-toxic paint and preservative varnish, coated alloy feet

Dimensions: H:62cm, W: front: 50cm, back:36cm, D: 32cm

Weight: 6.93 kg

Care: Wipe clean when necessary.

Note: Kitchen accessories available separately.