Pedal Go Kart

Pedal Go Kart


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This impressive pedal go kart may be listed in the children's section of our website, but we think adults will have just as much fun playing 'farmer George' in it as little ones!

In vibrant green and yellow, it's a terrific countryside toy, instigating myriad adventures down country lanes or even just on the lawn in the garden. Robust deep tread tyres offer great grip (no cornering, now!) and the swing axel should keep you firmly on the ground. You are able to pedal forwards and backwards and the pedals stay still whilst the kart remains in action. All you'll need to worry about is who gets to play on it first - you or the children!

  • Age 5+

  • Tractor tyres
  • Tyres: 40cm front 46cm back
  • Swing axle
  • Double ballbearing
  • Number plate
  • Front spoiler
  • Farm Exhaust
  • Back mud guards
  • Heavy duty brake pads

L:158 cm, W:88 cm, H:102 cm,

Weight:51 kg


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