Slow Down

Slow Down


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Slow Down: Bring Calm to a Busy World with 50 Nature Stories

By Rachel Williams

Illustrations by Freya Hartas

Slow Down is a beautifully illustrated book that encourages us to step back and watch the little, miracles that happen everyday in the world around us.

A great mindfulness book for children, each double page spread offers one of fifty nature stories to inspire and teach. The perfect mix of calming and encouraging, Slow Down is both mindful and educational as the stories detail the processes behind the magical transformations that happen in nature every day. Learn about how clouds form, or how a duck teaches her ducklings to swim, the gorgeously illustrated stories are a lovely addition to any day.


Dimensions: H: 29.7cm, W: 24.2cm, D: 1.6cm

Age: 5-8 years

128 pages

ISBN: 9781916180512

Publisher: Magic Cat Publishing