Rocking Bear

Steiff Rocking Bear


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This friendly brown bear has travelled tirelessly down from the forests and mountains and into Little Burford. He is, however, looking for a more homely place to stay, preferably with a lovely welcoming family!

Beautifully made by iconic German toymaker Steiff, his fluffy fur is incredible tactile, and he stands at just the right height for a nice chat with any adventurous child willing to befriend him. His soft but firm padding makes him the perfect riding companion, as children can hold onto the wooden handles hidden behind his ears and rock away, undoubtedly disappearing into more adventures!

Materials: 80% acrylic, 20% cotton, solid beechwood rocker, stainless steel inner frame

Age suitability: 3+

Dimensions: H: 52cm, W: 52cm, D: 45cm (approx.)

Weight: 6.9kg

Care: Sponge clean surface only