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Steiff Rocking Pony


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This smart rocking pony is ready for any dressage, cross country or show jumping event, but will be just as at home in the slightly more cosy and relaxed setting of a children’s playroom or bedroom!

Beautifully made by iconic German toymaker Steiff, their short fur is incredibly soft and velvety while their mane is slightly wilder, showing its more playful side. Their soft but firm padding makes them the perfect riding companion, children can hold onto the wooden handles and rock away. Perfect for any budding equestrian!

Materials: 80% acrylic, 20% cotton, solid beechwood rocker, stainless steel inner frame

Age suitability: 3+

Dimensions: L: 70cm, H: 60cm

Weight: 5.9kg

Care: Sponge clean surface only