The Dragon Ark

The Dragon Ark


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The Dragon Ark: Join the Quest to Save the Rarest Dragon on Earth

Written by Curatoria Draconis and illustrated by Tomislav Tomic

Accompany Curatoria Draconis - or the Dragon Protector, to give her full title – on an intrepid journey across the continents to preserve the last remaining dragons. This unforgettable compendium of all things dragon takes us all over the world, educating us on the different eclectic species of dragons. With dragon habitats coming under threat from human expansion, it is now your duty to step upon the Dragon Ark and offer refuge for all dragonkind.

From sea serpents in the Mariana trench to the Antarctic ice dragon and sand drakes in the Sahara, these wonderful beasts become ever more whimsical. Beautifully illustrated throughout in Tomislav Tomic’s signature style, this fantasy land is brought to life through every little detail. Immensely decorative in design, your child will become totally immersed within this journey, eagerly awaiting what is just beyond the page. From front to back, this book is a stimulating journey for hatchling dragonologists.

Format: Hardback 

Dimensions: H: 37.7cm, W: 28cm, D: 1.6cm 

Extent: 80pp 

Illustrations: Coloured drawings throughout 

ISBN: 9781916180581