The Lost Book of Adventure

The Lost Book of Adventure


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The Lost Book of Adventure: From the Notebooks of the Unknown Adventurer

By the Unknown Adventurer and edited by Teddy Keen

“Packed FULL of Adventures” – Bear Grylls

The Lost Book of Adventure is an enthralling sketchbook that details everything you need to know about how to live and thrive in nature. After months of being locked up inside we have all been overcome with a need for adventure, and this book is precisely what you and your children need to quell that craving. During an expedition to the Amazon rainforest, outdoor enthusiast, Teddy Keen, stumbled across a lockbox on the banks of the Javi River. Inside were tattered sketches and survival notes from an unknown traveller. It is the contents of this lost journal that we find transcribed throughout the five chapters of The Lost Book of Adventure.

From front to back, this sketchbook is filled with details of extraordinary, authentic adventures, expedition advice and survival methods. Along the way are various captivating pencil illustrations, that immerse you into the buccaneering life of the unknown traveller. Containing everything from applying first aid and building a fire, to baking campfire bread and even how to pan for gold. Never mind the garden, you and your children will be ready to take on the Amazon bush in no time!

Beautifully illustrated, the riveting tales from around the globe will inspire the adventurous spirit in you, urging you to explore the great outdoors. The perfect gift for your children, or any outdoor enthusiast.

Format: Hardback

Dimensions: H: 27cm, W: 21cm 

Extent: 192pp

Illustrations: Coloured pencil drawings

ISBN: 978-1-7860-3296-6

Edition: New Edition