Violette Rag Doll

Violette Rag Doll


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Violette Rag Doll has clear blue eyes and freckles that match her pretty complexion and fair hair. She was made in France and her fashion sense reflects this: her chic jump suit is patterned with this year’s floral motif, in colours that coordinate with the pink of her ballet shoes (tied with satin ribbons, of course). Even the ties that allow tiny fingers to take off the jump suit are finished with tiny tassels!

Although contemporary in look, Violette is a traditional rag doll. She is beautifully designed so that she sits up to join in. But in common with the best of toys, she will go along with what ever game is being played and is the perfect softness for a bedtime cuddle.

If her fashion sense is slightly 'compromised' by an over enthusiastic tea party, she will reappear from the washing machine as fresh as a daisy.   

Age: 18 months and above

Dimensions: H:45cm

Materials: Cotton with polyester padding, polyester pellets in hands and feet

Care: Machine wash at 30 degrees on a gentle cycle (do not spin dry).