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When the Stars Come Out: Exploring the Magic and Mysteries of the Night-Time


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When the Stars Come Out

By Nicola Edwards, illustrated by Lucy Cartwright

This stunning exploration into the mysterious night-time life of our world will be the perfect complement to any child’s bedtime. It will come as no surprise that this volume will be ideal for settling your child into bed, fuelling their imagination as well as their dreams.

There is so much to discover inside, from the nebulous concept of darkness to some of the most significant human discoveries about the night sky; the way the moon impacts wildlife is also explored, along with the surprising fact of our stellar origins. Wonderous night-time phenomena, from Moonbows to shooting stars are investigated, something that even parents may have not fully comprehended. The book will reveal itself to be a fun learning experience for parent and child alike.

The book also includes invaluable information on stargazing and night-time wildlife, and even how to get a good night’s sleep. All the information is presented in an easily digestible manner, alongside innumerable, beautifully coloured illustrations and diagrams to complement it.

Format: Hardback

Edition: 1st, 2019

Dimensions: H:32.4cm, W:26.6cm, D:1cm

Pages: 64

Illustrations: Full colour

ISBN-13: 9781848578067