Kathmandu Small Paper Baubles

Small Kathmandu Paper Baubles


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These mini Kathmandu baubles are intricately patterned. Handmade in Nepal and crafted from the bark of a shrub, locally known as “Lokta”, these foldable baubles can be hung on your tree or wherever else you want to add a little festive colour.

Nepal is well known for it’s unique paper-making and products, such as these Kathmandu Paper Baubles, which are crafted by small businesses. The businesses are then supported by a Swedish Fairtrade brand which collaborates with rural artisans to highlight their craftsmanship in developing countries in Africa, Asia and Latin America, thereby creating jobs in regions where craft is the main source of income.

These baubles are foldable and can be clasped by a small paperclip. This means that you can also store them easily and use them again year after year.

The following colour options are available:

  • Red and White
  • Blue and White


Size: 10cm diameter

Set of 2