Jigsaw Puzzle Map of New York

The City of New York Jigsaw Puzzle


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This intricate 750 piece puzzle is created by John Derian, a New York based artist and designer, who has unearthed fascinating 20th century artwork from old and rare books, turning them into interactive pieces that will undoubtedly create hours of pleasure.

The City of New York puzzle presents a beautifully illustrated Manhattan Island surrounded by ships venturing around the bustling city. A sea of brownstone buildings is punctuated by church steeples and tiny patches of green while a key at the bottom of the print highlights key areas within the city.

Artwork: The City of New York, J.W. Williams, published by Root & Tinker for Rodgers, Peet & Co, USA, c. 1879

750 pieces

Dimensions (approx.):

  • Box: H: 6cm, W: 27cm, D: 19.5cm
  • Mini poster (for reference or framing) H: 24cm, W: 17cm
  • Completed Puzzle: H: 67cm, W: 50cm