Tumbler Speakers

Tumbler Speaker


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Coming in either a sustainable Walnut or Maple wood finish, this Tumbler Speaker offers a unique, functional, and long-lasting way to listen to your favourite music when out and about. Despite its dainty size, the speaker produces a crisp and powerful sound that is perfect for when at the park with friends or simply relaxing at home.

With Bluetooth connectivity you can pair the speaker with your phone and even take selfies with it at just the tap of a button. Combining modern practicality with a sleek, simplistic design this speaker helps you to enjoy your carefully curated playlist, anytime and anywhere, whilst the selfie feature allows you to capture those special moments.

Available in two different finishes:

  • Walnut
  • Maple

Dimensions: H: 5.5cm, W: 6cm, D: 5.5cm 

Materials: Sustainable Walnut / Maple Wood 

Weight: 100g 

Battery Life: 4 - 12 Hours (Depending on volume)

Includes Selfie Photo Feature