Comfort Christmas Tree Stand

Comfort Christmas Tree Stand


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Your Christmas tree will stand tall and proud in this quality Christmas stand. Rest assured there will be no more back bending trying to get the tree straight and anchored when using this pump clamping mechanism.

Simply place the tree into the vessel and pump the foot pedal. The claws will securely close around the trunk, then lock into position to secure the tree. To water, simply fill up the reservoir to keep the tree hydrated and fresh, you will see a water level indicator appear to advise you when your tree is full or needs topping up, so no more over filling and spills!

This really does take all the hassle out of putting the tree up and can be done in minutes. Perfect for a smaller tree but can take up to 7-8ft.

Size: Overall diameter 34cm x 9cm

Trunk Diameter: up to 11cm

Tree Size: up to 7.5ft

  • The clever clamping device guarantees equal claw pressure around the trunk;
  • The tree stands absolutely firm and straight whether the trunk is thick, thin or crooked;
  • Patented safety belt with its step by step ratchet mechanism provides additional safety;
  • Ideal for tree up to 8ft high;
  • Reservoir with water level indicator. Holds up to 3L.